How fun is it when your hobby gets out of hand?

Essentially that is how Muts started. But I see it more as an excuse to turn on a series or movie in the evening and crochet a hat while slouched on the couch.

The story

About 10 years ago I learned to crochet. After a while, I had a whole collection of hats, in all colors, shapes, and patterns, and only one head. That’s why the brilliant idea came up to share the hats with people who would be just as happy with them. Back then I was just giving away the hats to friends and family.

Last year, in 2021, I wanted to see if I could make even more people happy with them. As a graphic designer, I was able to get the entire brand off the ground myself, from the logo to the website and the photos. I ordered labels and started crocheting. I never expected it to be such a success! With so many happy people and reactions.

I hope this season will be just as much fun. In addition to last year’s hat collection, this year there is also a collection of recycled wool, a collection with hats for your plants and the webshop has been expanded with an (undated) agenda and sewn tote bags.

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  • Better be quick, winter is running out! Also, don’t forget to play and laugh.
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