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Hats made with love

What started as a hobby that got out of hand has grown into a business. More than ten years ago I, Dewi, learned to crochet and soon I had a huge collection of hats, in all colors, shapes, and patterns. And of course only one head. This gave rise to the idea of sharing the hats with people who would be as happy with them as I am.

Yay, it's almost winter again!


All hats are handmade with a lot of fun, love, and a good tv series.


Now, in addition to the 'normal' collection, there is also a recycled collection, because there is already enough material on the earth and we can (re)use it very well.

Not just hats

Next to hats for your head, there are also hats for your plants and printed products.

Sneak peek in the collection

Warm head, cool adventure

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Luti Bron
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Oliy Sew
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